Monday, November 21, 2011

Kirsten Anderson, Senior

My logo, titled L' Etoile du Nord, uses parts of Minnesota mixed with classic
Navy components. I decided to use an unconventional shape for my logo to break away
from the norm. Inside the shield shaped design I have placed in the foreground the ship shining brightly with Minnesota directly behind draped in rippling water to represent our many bodies of water. The background shows the sun from our state's seal and a plowed field underneath the sun's rays. The classic blue and gold of the Navy is present throughout the piece. Our state's motto graces the top edge of the shield while the ship's name and SSN 783 are placed directly below. Lastly 19 stars are lined up in the bottom edge of the logo representing us being the 19 state to enter the union after the first 13.
My personal connection to Minnesota is that I was born and raised right here in the Twin Cities. All of my family were born and raised here as well. I could never call another state my true home besides Minnesota.

Hannah Gibbens, Houghton College, North Star State Compass

My project is a round badge with a star right in front of a dark blue background that doubles as a compass pointing needle.  In front of this are two banners pinned up with small four-point stars.  Around the edge of the badge are select lyrics from the state song, 'Hail Minnesota!'  I am personally connected with Minnesota in that I was born in Fridley and raised and educated in the Cottage Grove/St. Paul area.

Andrew Thomas Grindle, St. Louis Park High School

The ships on the side of the hull are the two previous ships named USS MINNESOTA, the steam frigate from the Civil War and BB 22, from the Great White Fleet.  The stars on the border represent Minnesota as the 19th state admitted, after the original 13 states.  The gold and yellow background show the colors of grain our state historically exports.

Nathan Ronning, Bemidji State University

My personal connection to the state of Minnesota is deep. As I stated before I attend a Minnesota State School, and I have lived in Minnesota my entire life; along with my family for generations back.
I started my project with a picture of the world facing North America. In the picture is a red star marking the state of Minnesota on the map. Wrapped around the world are two banners; the top banner hosts the future name of the Submarine. In the bottom banner is the Latin saying for "Star of the North", the Minnesota State motto. The saying can also be found on the Minnesota State Flag. I chose the banners color to keep a red, white, and blue theme throughout the logo as a sign of patriotism and elegance. The Submarines SSN number can be found on the logo in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans to show it is a diverse Submarine and to keep symmetry. The world and banners are placed between two crossed Navy League anchors. The anchors give the Subs logo strength and elegance, just the like state of Minnesota.

Jonah Oberloh, Worthington High School

'The Fish of the Seas' 
My piece of art includes both national and state symbols.  The state fish and the American eagle are both symbols associated with our nation.  I have lived in Minnesota my whole life and have developed a respect for my state and am proud that our state will be represented by such a great submarine.

Vicky Phannara, Worthington High School

Minnesota, My Home
My name is Vicky Phannara, I am 17 years old. I was born in California but my family and I moved to Worthington Minnesota when I was very young. I've been living in Worthington my whole life. This place may be little, but it has a lot to give. It gave me shelter, love, friends, family and hope. A very precious memory I have of this place, I call home, is of my father. Although my father isn't here with me now, I still have wonderful memories of us together when he was still living. I'm dedicating this logo to the Minnesota Navy because I am proud to be living here and I am proud of everyone risking their lives for us, the people of the USA. In this logo, I put the eagle above the submarine because it's a sign that God is watching over them. I've also add the flag and the sun light because veterans serve for the USA and after the years of serving, veterans can come home and live life freely under the beautiful sun.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Charlie Yunker, Capella University

Heather Dau, Alexandria Technical Collge

Kaitlen Peterson, Anoka Ramsey Community College

For my logo design I chose to highlight the north woods of Minnesota and our reputation as the "North Star State" by including an endless evergreen forest and a clear night sky with the big and little dippers highlighted in golden stars. I decided to also be a little cliche and include the "Land of 10,000 Lakes" that appears on our license plates. The wolf pack highlighted in the lower half of my design is because in Minnesota we have the largest population of Timberwolves second only to Alaska. I asked my younger brother what he thought of the design and he said I needed a lake with the moon reflected on the surface of the water so I put it in because my brother enjoys the outdoors and connecting with nature as much as I do. I tried to figure out how to put the silhouette of the state into the design and decided to just put it on the submarine itself. Getting the curve of the state image to match the curve in the sub took me several tries and I finally got a result I was happy with. I decided to use a variance of blues throughout the entire design to convey the feel of water. My hope is that the design conveys a message of natural beauty and strength with an underlying hint of danger symbolized in the wolves. Another reason for choosing to depict wolves instead of any of the state symbols is that it seemed stronger and the fact that wolf packs work together and keep each other safe.
My personal connection to Minnesota is deeply rooted in my family because I'm a born and raised Minnesotan. My family was my inspiration and the drive I needed to create this design. They're also the people I bounce all my ideas off of before I add them to something. Graphic Design is what I'm studying in college and I hope to graduate with my BFA in Graphic Design in two years. My family makes a point of camping every other year in a Minnesota State park for a week because we just love the different landscapes that are included within a single state. My favorite thing to do in the fall is go up to Duluth and Two Harbors on any random Saturday just to watch the ships come in and look at the fall colors in the leaves as well as just enjoy the change of seasons. When I was little my favorite book series was the Little House books which start in western Wisconsin and continue through Minnesota and on to the Dakotas and Nebraska. What I'm saying with this is that I've always loved living here in Minnesota and even reading about it in books. The majority of my extended family is in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa with a few exceptions due to service commitments or jobs. My dad's side of the family has three or four generations based in North Branch and my Great Aunt is a famous pottery artist based out of Willow River, MN. I'm deeply tied to Minnesota and love it.

Wesley Siebel, Alexandria Technical Collge

Jacob Bartels, Junior, Home School, St. Paul, MN

Project Description:
I am a 17 year old homeschooled son of a Minnesota veteran interested in art, sports and history. I especially like to draw, so I started with pages of thumbnail sketches.
The Viking represents Minnesota because our state has so many Scandinavians, who actually weren't considered Vikings until they went to sea. Plus, the Vikings are a sign of power on the water.
The saying L'Etoile du Nord is French for 'star ofthe north,' which is our state motto. In addition, the star was used for guidance by sailors for centuries. It also represents leadership, hence the star in the background.

Tami Erickson, Alexandria Technical College

Sabrina Anderson, Alexandria Technical College

Julie Beth Betterman, Alexandria Technical Collge

Conrad Schmidt, Junior, Benilde St. Margaret's

I am a native of Minnesota and my logo design represents the State of Minnesota.

The rope around the logo represents the heritage and tradition of the Navy. The

water in the background is significant not only for the USS Minnesota, but the State

of Minnesota since it is the land of 10,000 lakes which includes one of the Great Lakes,

Lake Superior. I have spent a lot of time on the North Shore of Lake Superior and this

is an area that I enjoy very much. I have placed the outline of the State of Minnesota as

the backdrop for the Star of the North and the USS Minnesota. In the center of the logo is

the North Star which represents the State of Minnesota's motto, "L'Etoile Du Nord",

The Star of the North. The Virginia Class Submarine, the USS Minnesota, is shown

patrolling at the water's surface protecting our Country. The color of my logo is blue and

gold. The blue and the gold represent the Navy's colors and the colors of the Crew's

that will man and operate the USS Minnesota.

For many years I have had an interest in the Navy. My desire is to attend the United

States Naval Academy or attend a University under the NROTC Scholarship Program.

I am a member of the United States Sea Cadets, Twin Cities Squadron, and am

currently hold the position of Paton Leader P03 and have been involved for 3 years.

I entered the logo contest for the Sea Cadet's and my logo was chosen and is used today

with the Twin Cities Squadron. I have attended many trainings around the Country

learning and being trained by the Navy. I also have attended the S.T. E.M program at the

U.S. Naval Academy in the summer of 201 0, which gave me a look at the Academy and

was a great experience with Navy Midshipmen. My goal is to become a Naval Aviator

with the United States Navy.