Monday, November 21, 2011

Nathan Ronning, Bemidji State University

My personal connection to the state of Minnesota is deep. As I stated before I attend a Minnesota State School, and I have lived in Minnesota my entire life; along with my family for generations back.
I started my project with a picture of the world facing North America. In the picture is a red star marking the state of Minnesota on the map. Wrapped around the world are two banners; the top banner hosts the future name of the Submarine. In the bottom banner is the Latin saying for "Star of the North", the Minnesota State motto. The saying can also be found on the Minnesota State Flag. I chose the banners color to keep a red, white, and blue theme throughout the logo as a sign of patriotism and elegance. The Submarines SSN number can be found on the logo in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans to show it is a diverse Submarine and to keep symmetry. The world and banners are placed between two crossed Navy League anchors. The anchors give the Subs logo strength and elegance, just the like state of Minnesota.

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