Monday, November 21, 2011

Kirsten Anderson, Senior

My logo, titled L' Etoile du Nord, uses parts of Minnesota mixed with classic
Navy components. I decided to use an unconventional shape for my logo to break away
from the norm. Inside the shield shaped design I have placed in the foreground the ship shining brightly with Minnesota directly behind draped in rippling water to represent our many bodies of water. The background shows the sun from our state's seal and a plowed field underneath the sun's rays. The classic blue and gold of the Navy is present throughout the piece. Our state's motto graces the top edge of the shield while the ship's name and SSN 783 are placed directly below. Lastly 19 stars are lined up in the bottom edge of the logo representing us being the 19 state to enter the union after the first 13.
My personal connection to Minnesota is that I was born and raised right here in the Twin Cities. All of my family were born and raised here as well. I could never call another state my true home besides Minnesota.

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